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A safe space to collaborate, with the authentic intention to share experience and learn from each other. 

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Who We Are

The National Diversity + Inclusion Consortium was established in Kansas City in 2014, when Michael Gonzales, Kirstin Hadel, and Derrick Nelson met for coffee to discuss their new positions in the world of D&I. 

What started out as three people meeting at a coffee shop quickly and organically, expanded to a little bit larger group at restaurants, and then to an even larger, and always growing, group that now meets at members’ company headquarters.

Based in Kansas City, the consortium has grown to over 385 D&I practitioners and advocates from 32 cities, 21 states and four countries. Our members work in a vast array of industries including private and public companies and corporations, local and national; non-profit organizations; local and national, educational institutions, hospitals and more.

The primary purpose of the Consortium is to provide each other with insights and support in regards to D&I opportunities and challenges, by providing unconditional and authentic support in a genuine way.

As a D&I practitioner and educator, the Consortium has provided me valuable insight and guidance. Members come from different backgrounds and work in different industries and roles yet we each get just what we need from the organization. Our world is constantly changing and we are all challenged to build organizations where everyone feels a sense of belonging. The community in the Consortium is one of my most important resources to not only share what works but also rejuvenate my spirit.

Olivia Law-Delrosso

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director, College of Business, Kansas State University

As director of DEI at the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, I am always striving to ensure that our goals of economic access, education, and inclusion are at the forefront of our processes and objectives. In order to best equip myself and others with the necessary skills to succeed in this endeavor, membership in the D&I consortium has proved invaluable. It allows me to maintain consistency in knowledge of best practices, connects me with other D&I professionals across a wide variety of communities, and serves as a necessary space to reflect, identify, and plan for growth. I am grateful to Michael for nurturing this space and for his work as a partner to my own community and others.

Steve Hills

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director, Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce


Creating workplaces where all can thrive requires us to seek perspective.  The consortium provides a safe space of humans coming together to ask questions, share, or just listen!

Amy Leslie

CEO, Perspective Consulting